Welcome Back!

We are so excited for the New Year and are happy to have everyone back after our holiday break! We hope you are able to enjoy the season with loved ones.

January at Oona’s PlayCare will be exploring all things that go!! Planes, trains, cars, and boats will be our focus. Students will participate in sensory activities that will include digging, zooming, building, flying, and cleaning these vehicles. We will create our own transportation vehicles with art projects and progress play crafts. We will also become these planes, trains, cars, and boats with plenty of gross motor activities! In fine motor activities, we will count, sort, and tinker with vehicles. There are countless possibilities to create, play, and learn with this theme!

December Highlights

December was so much fun! We had the chance to create so many holiday themed projects as well as explore the snowy world of Antarctica! Our outing to the Children’s Museum was a success, the students were able to explore and have individual time with one other friend!

We also received a letter from our new pen pals from a Play Based Preschool in New Zealand! They sent us pictures they made and asked for some from us as well! We have decided to build a mailbox to put in our classroom where we can keep all of our letters in the future!

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