Our Staff

Jennifer O’Neil-Nunez

My name is Jennifer O’Neil-Nunez. I began my journey in Early Childhood Education over 24 years ago when my eldest child was born. I began by working in daycare and preschool and school settings while doing my undergraduate degrees. I owned and operated an in-home daycare while working on my graduate degrees in both education and counseling psychology. I was a therapist for many years and worked in group homes and community mental health. Four years ago with the birth of our sixth child (our daughter, Oona) I decided to come back to daycare and preschool teaching. It was the best decision I have ever made. It has been a profound experience to apply my years of education and background in early childhood development, while working with the amazing children and families in my community. With extensive experience, education, and my continual love of learning, I diligently strive to create an exceptional program. My program is based on best practices and developmentally-appropriate learning, guided by the individual needs of the children in my care.