Additional Programs at Oona’s PlayCare


Daily yoga to stretch and relax our bodies prior to nap. We practice yoga and deep breathing exercises as a group and also have laminated picture directions available in our calming corner for kids to use whenever they like.


We have a farm to table program where we learn about our food, where it comes from, and cook different things each week as a class.

We are very excited to be growing our own vegetables in our garden in the backyard.  Your children will be able to watch a seed grow into a seedling, to a beautiful plant, which they get to pick the produce from when things ripen!  Then we all get to enjoy the fruits of our gardening play together.


Each spring, we get caterpillars to watch them change into butterflies and release them into our backyard. We also get ladybugs for our garden. We love going out with our magnifying glasses and finding our ladybugs among our plants.

Pen Pals

Oona’s Playcare has begun a pen pal program with a play-based preschool in New Zealand. We exchange pictures of our activities and ask questions about each other’s lives and send/receive samples of artwork.

Show and Tell

Show and tell is so much fun! Each week we will have a different theme such as bring something with Wheels or Anything Blue. Your child will be assigned a day of the week to bring their chosen item to share. There is a box by the door for your child’s item to go in until it is time for show and tell!

Parents’ Night

We offer a parents’ night last Friday of the month from 6-10pm. We cook and eat dinner together, play games, maybe have a dance party or watch a movie with popcorn! Then they all get pajamas on, brush their teeth and use our classroom flashlights and listen to stories and music as the children are going to sleep.
Cost: $30.00 per child.


We celebrate birthdays with a party! You are welcome to bring cupcakes or any special treat that day. We ask that each child bring a 1.00 toy on your start day and we will put it in a special birthday box. When we celebrate your child’s birthday they get to look through the box and pick any toy they like to take home