Oona’s PlayCare Program Calendar 2023

January 2nd
Closed New Year’s Day

January 16th
Closed Martin Luther King Jr.


  February 20th 

Closed President’s Day

March 24-31 

Closed Spring Break

May 29th
Closed Memorial Day

June 19th

 Closed Juneteenth

July 3rd-5th
Closed 4th of July

August 25th-September 5th

       Closed Teacher in Service/Labor day


October 9th
Closed Indigenous Peoples Day

November 10th 

 Closed Veterans Day

November 23-24
Closed Thanksgiving

December 22- Jan 3rd 2023
Closed Holiday

I will take 3 weeks vacation during the calendar year and will give parents 4 week’s notice of such upcoming vacations. One of those weeks will be the last week of December  and I will be closed. I will reopen the day after New Year’s Day. Oona’s PlayCare will be closed for the other 2 weeks if a substitute provider cannot be provided. If a substitute is provided hours may need to be slightly adjusted. These weeks may or may not be in tandem. It is the responsibility of the Families to have back up care for these days and tuition does not change.

If illness, emergencies, or appointments should arise during childcare hours, every attempt will be made to have a substitute provider care for your child so the facility will remain open for care. If a substitute is not available you will receive notice for closure. Whenever possible medical and personal appointments will be made after childcare hours.

NOTE:  I do reserve the right to close for any reason in which I cannot operate in a safe manner such as the loss of electricity, water, and heat or in extreme circumstances and medical epidemics. Childcare fees are still paid for any of these occurrences.