Welcome to Oona’s Playcare!


The early childhood years are crucial and formative years. Your child’s experiences during these years plays an important role in determining the way the feel about themselves, relate to others, their capacity to solve problems, and the way they think and learn.

Additional Programs

Yoga, Farm-to-Table, Caterpillars, and much more…

Why Oona's Playcare?

At Oona’s PlayCare we see play as being the “heartbeat” of our program. Within the context of play there exists a myriad of learning opportunities. Children explore social relationships, contribute ideas and take on the ideas of others.

Our Facilities

Oona’s PlayCare is a warm welcoming home like environment with 2 floors of classrooms.  You will drop-off/pick up your child on the ground level floor, where we have our meals, circle time, work on art projects, and play with various toys.  Downstairs, we work on our gross motor skills – with a big open space to be able to create fun obstacle courses.  Downstairs also features our dramatic play station.  Both floors have their own library and calm corner for the children to relax in anytime they please.

What Our Families Say...