Tuition and Tuition Assistance

Monthly Tuition

Per child over 2 years Per child under 2 years
4/5 days a week:1650.00 4/5 days a week: 1850.00
3 days: 1450.00 3 days: 1650.00
2 days: 1250.00 2 days: 1450.00
1 day: 1050.00 1 day: 1250.00


There are a limited number of spaces available for care. When you sign up for childcare at Oona’s PlayCare, you are signing up to reserve one of these spaces. Choose how many days you require care a week. You are responsible for the payment for those number of days. You are paying for a monthly service reserved for your child. Therefore, parents pay a flat fee, regardless of days not in care.