Raising Healthy Kids Through Modeling Healthy Behaviors

You want your kids to be healthy and happy individuals who can handle whatever life throws at
them. So, give them the skills they need to grow into those people by modeling behaviors you
want to see them mimic and showing them the path to a healthier way of life.

Oona’s Playcare shares some tips for helping your kids develop healthier behaviors.

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Healthy Eating

Getting kids to eat healthily can be trying to even the most veteran parent. Take on the
challenge together by making healthy eating a family event. Search for recipes online with your
kids that are healthy and appealing to all of you. Approach it as something you are all trying
together. Don’t shy away from experimenting with foods you wouldn’t typically cook or eat.

Consider having an “Eating Around the World” event where once a week, you and your family
try to prepare a healthy recipe from a different different country. Not only will this infuse an atypical
variety of foods into your meal plans, but it can also help children learn more about eating habits
around the world and change their perceptions about what makes a food good or bad.

Healthy Body

Just as eating healthy together encourages your children to make healthy decisions on their
own, so does being physically active together. Incorporating hiking, yoga, time in your backyard,
and other easy activities into your family traditions is a simple but powerful move toward
instilling the value of nurturing your body in your kids.

Activities don’t have to be completed together. In fact, children benefit from seeing parents
independently interested in healthy movements such as dance or martial arts.

Though we typically think of the benefits of kids being on teams, there are many positive
outcomes when children practice individual activities. Martial arts has been shown to have many
benefits for both kids and adults. These aren’t limited to physical benefits, either, although
karate does increase strength and lower blood pressure. According to studies, those who
practice karate have improved focus, deal with stressful situations better, and are less

Healthy Mindset

Mental health is as important as physical health, and your kids need your guidance in how to
navigate life’s difficulties and possibilities. With the right support from you, your children can feel
supported enough to do anything.

Help children to be honest with you by encouraging an open dialogue about mental health. Talk
to them about their emotions, acknowledging them, and building trust when things are going
well so that they know they can lean on you when things go poorly. Help them to understand
healthy stress management, using tools like list writing, meditation, and exercise to get through
stressful times through positive practices.

Part of modeling a healthy mindset is showing your kids that you are willing to do what it takes
to be successful. Seeing you chasing your dreams by furthering your education is a wonderful
example for them. Consider pursuing an online degree that allows more flexibility than the
traditional brick-and-mortar experience. The variety of online degrees available today is vast
with degrees in everything from IT to nursing to business. Flexible class schedules mean that
you can take care of your family and pursue your dreams at the same time.

Healthy living is a lifelong commitment but one that is worthwhile to you and your children. By
demonstrating healthy relationships with eating, your body, and your mindset, you will not only
improve your life, but you will also give your kids the foundation they need to thrive on their own.

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