Our Facilities

Oona’s PlayCare is a warm welcoming home like environment with 2 floors of classrooms. At the entryway we have an open area with a bench and a doll house bookshelf for your child’s shoes and coats. The kids love to stand on the bench and wave to parents at pick up and drop off.

Our living room area has big soft couches and a huge stack of square and rectangular pillows we use as soft blocks and to climb on what the kids call “pillow mountain”. Also in this room is a shelf full of books and toys for children under 18 months as this is primarily used as a baby room during the day. The older children will come upstairs around pick up time or while meals are being prepared or just to read books with teacher and the babies.

Our kitchen is also on the first floor where we cook all our delicious meals. We have a child size table with seating in the dining room for kids to eat or play but we like to keep the floor plan open for all our dance and movement and crawling There is one bathroom on this floor.

Downstairs is a much larger classroom. Our room is decorated with each wall as a different season. Our summer wall is the first thing you see with our huge green tree with Brown felt trunk we use as a felt board for stories. There is also a very large magnetic whiteboard for kids to draw on and play with magnets. And for teachers to use to draw stories. There is a big open carpet space here to run, dance or sit as a group or play with toys.

There is a shelf with manipulatives on one side of the carpet with:

  • Puzzles
  • Games (board games)
  • Beads and strings
  • Sewing cards
  • Materials (ranging from stacking rings to very complex materials)
  • Tinkertoys
  • Hand puppets

We have a climbing structure with a slide right in the middle of our room!

There is a building center with:

  • Block accessories (people, cars, safety signs, etc.)
  • Small blocks (sets of cubes, small colored blocks)
  • Sturdy wooden vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, planes, tractors, re engines, buses, helicopters)  
  • train set  
  • a carpet with roads.

Across from that we have a Dramatic Play area with:

  • Child-sized kitchen equipment (with pots and pans)
  • Grocery store full of play food
  • Dishes and silverware  
  • Child-sized ironing board and iron
  • Child-sized cleaning equipment (brooms, mops, dustpan, etc.)
  • Assorted dolls
  • Doll clothes
  • Doll bed
  • Dollhouse, furniture
  • Assorted tubs, buckets, dishpans
  • Assorted dress-up clothing and costumes  

Across of our dramatic play area we have our cozy corner with:

  • Books (professional and published by classroom authors)
  • Magazines
  • Bed and pillows
  • Table and chairs
  • Yoga cards

This is where kids can rest or read.

By the backdoor we have our cubbies for our outdoor gear like rain coats and boots.

Adjacent to our classroom is our snack room where we do art and quiet bins as get snack and eat our meals.

These are some of the materials we use for our art:

  • Brushes (half-inch to 1-inch widths)
  • Liquid tempera paint (in a variety of colors)
  • Pain ng smocks
  • Crayons
  • Colored chalk
  • Clay
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper (construc on paper in a variety of colors, ssue paper, newsprints, white drawing paper)  
  • Miscellaneous supplies (fabric scraps, rickrack, yarn, ribbon, gli er, bu ons, natural materials)

There is also a bathroom on this floor for children to use with diaper changing station

Outside we have a big fully fenced backyard with:

  • Sawhorses
  • Fabric tunnel
  • Balls of various sizes
  • Ropes, hula hoops
  • Bowling set
  • Cars
  • Tricycles
  • Picnic tables
  • Gardening tools t
  • Mud kitchen.
  • Sandbox
  • Water table with top
  • Workbench with equipment

Our chickens are fenced in a separate area of the yard.