What Our Families Say…

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this dedicated child care provider and her genuine desire to create a warm and inviting experience for the children she cares for. The children are exposed to a variety of wonderful experiences at Oona’s. Crafts, outdoor play, music, and story time are only a few of the great structured activities that fill the day at Oona’s. Field trips, bouncy house, group activities also are shared events that captivate the child’s spirit and allow for imagination and exploration.

I encourage families looking for a convenient and inspiring atmosphere to check into Oona’s Playcare.

You will be pleasantly surprised
~ Coreen Gamble

I have been bringing my daughter to oona’s playcare for almost 3 years now and she LOVES it there. She has so much fun and talks about her friends all the time.

Teacher jennifer does different activities with the kids and they also get to go on outings to the park, children’s museum, library, and zoo to name a few. When we first started we got a menu of the food that the kids eat during the week which I know my husband really appreciated. There is a dance/movement class, teeth brushing program and a “farm to table” program. I love getting to hear about all the fun stuff when I pick up my 3 year old 🙂 she could rant on and on about it!

I feel very comfortable leaving my little one there knowing she is safe and will always have a blast. We are so glad we found oona’s playcare!
~ Lelslie Pincer Grover

Oona’s Playcare has provided a comfortable, fun environment for my daughter to learn, grow and thrive in. My daughter has been going to Oona’s Playcare for the last 8 months, since she was 13 months old. In this time, she has blossomed into such a confident, smart, toddler with a huge personality, and I give much credit to the environment in which she spends most of her time. Since the moment I met Jennifer, I felt so confident that she was going to positively influence my daughter’s life and be a perfect teacher and caretaker for her. Her assistants are amazing as well; I never have doubts my daughter is their #1 priority. Even with 12 other kiddos, I feel all the kiddos in their care are given the individual attention they deserve and all their needs are met. I witness such loving care from everyone, and it’s a great feeling to know my daughter is so well loved and cared for. Also, with varying ages, my daughter gets to learn from older kids and THIS kind of learning is so special and important. I love it! As a working mom, leaving my baby every day is the hardest thing I do. I am comforted knowing she’s in Jennifer’s care, engaging in exciting activities, being well fed, encouraged to play and explore, and exposed to so many new things. Even better, I am kept up-to-date with what my daughter’s doing. Jennifer is always quick to respond to my questions or concerns, and sends me picture updates regularly. Oona’s Playcare is everything I wanted and more in a daycare!
~ Erin McClintock

Words cannot express the thanks that I have for Teacher Jennifer and her staff at Oona’s Playcare. My daughter has been going there for the last 2 years. She was 2 years old when she started going there. Since then she has grown and learned so much. I have moved out of the area and continue to take her because she loves it so much. The extra commute is very much worth it to me and my daughter. I highly recommend Oona’s Playcare for anyone looking for quality and reliable care.
~ Caitlin Mares & Zellia Crawley

My daughter has been going to Oona’s Playcare for three years now. Sophia will be five this month. When we first started it was hard for me to leave her in someone’s home that i didn’t know but Jennifer has been great through the whole process. I receive updates and pictures throughout the day which I LOVE! It makes me feel more involved with the day to day activities while i’m stuck at work.

Since finding Oona’s Playcare Sophia has become self sufficient and has grown a big and fun personality. She is excited about doing things on her own like buttering her own bread or cleaning a table. At the end of the day when i ask how her day went she goes on about how much fun she’s had with her friends. She is constantly learning new things and she thinks she is just “playing”.

The teachers are awesome and I know Sophia will get to be active in a fun, productive, and encouraging environment. After three years i can honestly say bringing her there feels like dropping her off with family.
~ Sophia’s Mom

Jennifer and Oona’s Playcare have been taking an excellent care of our daughter for over two years now. They offer both a safe place to be and a great place to learn. Our daughter loves being a part of Oona’s Playcare and it’s wonderful to see her willing to go there and feeling at Oona’s Playcare as comfortable and she feels at home. We truly appreciate the wonderful atmosphere they have created and how much they invest in our children. Keep up the good work.
~ Ramzan and Seda Magomedov